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Athleema Launches Reflective Elastic Bands

Athleema is proud to welcome a new product to it's family of wearable fitness gear. The new Reflective Elastic Bands can be used as wristbands, armbands, or leg bands. These bands are fully adjustable and highly reflective, and are sold as a set that includes 4 bands.

HIGHLY REFLECTIVE - Our bands have been designed to be highly reflective. Increase the safety of your next nighttime walk or run.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Our bands have a large velcro area that allows you to adjust the size. The bands themselves are also elastic so they will stretch. They will fit wrists, arms, and legs easily.

COMFORTABLE - The bands are made from a soft, elastic materials that makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

COMES WITH A CARRY BAG - Never lose or misplace a band. Our bands come with a free carry bag.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - There is no risk in ordering the reflective bands. We offer a lifetime guarantee. If your bands break we will send you a replacement set for free.