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Lex Rings, New Products -

Lex Rings are Now Available

Kane & Son’s has launched their newest product line, LEX Rings. The idea was inspired by many colleagues who enjoy a fitness lifestyle or work in an industry which prohibits traditional/symbolic jewelry for hazard reasons.

LEX became the solution, avoiding loss or damage. Blending Love and Exercise, we are helping people live their fullest lives.

Love + Exercise = LEX Rings

Never stop expressing your commitment to your loved one just because you lead an active lifestyle.


Prevent severe injury to your finger that can be caused by traditional wedding rings. LEX Rings are designed to break under pressure so that your finger stays safe. LEX Rings are also an extremely comfortable alternative to metallic wedding rings.

Lifetime Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by ordering your new LEX Ring. We offer a lifetime guarantee if your ring ever gets damaged or if you order the wrong size. Simply contact us and we will send you a new ring.