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Physical Therapy With Loop Resistance Bands

Over the years loop resistance bands have become synonymous with intense exercise but they began as aids in physical therapy. Affordable and versatile, products such as the Athleema loop resistance bands can be used effectively to recover from upper and lower body injuries in the comfort of your own home. If you’re an avid weightlifter they can also help you recover from achy joints and muscle fatigue, which can accelerate your strength and muscles gains over time.

Here are some examples of some of the ailments you can combat with resistance bands:

Knee injuries: Your resistance band can strengthen ligaments your hamstrings. In some cases, quadriceps can become too dominant and force the knee to straighten when it should be bending. Using lower body strength exercises with your band can help balance your quadriceps and hamstrings to avoid further damage to your knee.

Rotator Cuff Strengthening: If you suffer from shoulder pain, or have dislocated your rotator cuff previously, you may experience difficulties in moving your shoulder to the best of its ability. Your band can help loosen and stretch the cuff through simple exercises such as the doorknob exercise: simply loop your band over a doorknob and, holding the other end, and roll your shoulder backwards in a circular motion.

Overall flexibility: If you are older, or have had injuries in the past, the Athleema loop resistance band will stretch your muscles without putting too much strain on them. Bicep curls, leg resistance work, chest stretches, shoulder rotation and many, many more movements using the bands can enhance your fitness, figure, health and wellbeing. They can even be used while sitting or lying down!

High quality products such as the Athleema loop resistance bands are one of the best ways to prevent muscle and joint injuries. Made with materials picked for their durability and elasticity, you can stretch and strengthen muscle groups and tendons without putting undue stress on your joints. If you’re looking to start exercising again after an injury or break they can also be used to ease you back into successful training, adapting the resistance as you get stronger over time. Please ensure you have your doctor’s backing before going ahead with any exercise, to ensure you are not hurting yourself further.