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"I am a Special Education teacher, so I have students using them that have attention issues or need to move frequently. I have had great feedback so far for the students that are using the bands. I previously taught second grade and purchased a different brand of the chair bands for my students. I was not very happy with those bands, because the seams on the bands kept coming apart on several of them. I picked your brand because there is not a seam and I thought that may help with that issue. Overall, the bands are great, and the...

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As an inner city school teacher, I am always looking for ways to help my students who have trouble focusing, staying in their seat, or becoming distracted quickly.  Through the years I have tried several strategies.  Nothing seemed to be a very long term fix.  Many homemade fixes broke from over use or misuse. Having ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder, behavioral disorder, learning disorder, and gifted students all in one classroom…I am sure you can imagine my desire to contain the chaos.  My first goal was to get students to stay engaged in their learning.  I read an article about...

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