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Athleema Expand-Your-Hand Bands. Set of 5 Resistance Levels. Say Goodbye to Tennis Elbow and Other Arm or Wrist Pain.

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  • No More Arm Pain - Proven to cure and prevent wrist and arm pain such as tennis elbow.
  • Strengthen Extensors Muscles - Great supplement to contraction-based (grip) training. Strengthening extensors prevents injury due to muscle imbalance.
  • Helps With - Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, recovery & rehabilitation from fractured or broken wrist, tendon surgery, computer users, athletes, tennis players, golfers, guitar & piano players, rock climbers, fitness & yoga, baseball, boxing, pain from hand, finger, thumb, forearm & wrist.
  • 5 Resistance Levels - Ultra Light (4 Lbs.), Light (8 Lbs.), Medium (12 Lbs.), Heavy (20 Lbs.), Ultra Heavy (30 Lbs.)
  • 100% Guarantee - If the bands break during your first 60 days of use we will send you a free replacement set.

Athleema Expand-Your-Hand Bands have been designed specifically to strengthen your extensor muscles in the forearm. Most arm injuries (including tennis elbow and tendonitis) stem from a strength imbalance. Our bands are perfect for preventing injury or rehabbing an existing injury. Trusted by doctors and physical therapists across the country. Work your way up the 5 different resistance levels. If you have any issues with the bands for the first 60 days we will ship you a new set or refund you the full purchase price.