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LEX Rings Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

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  • THE RING FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - Just because you work hard does not mean you can't express your commitment.
  • KEEP YOUR FINGER SAFE - Fingers damaged by traditional wedding rings is one of the most common reasons for a trip to the emergency room. Protect your finger with LEX Rings. The ring is designed to break at about 45 pounds of pressure.
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE - LEX Rings are flexible and have a little stretch to them which make them extremely comfortable. You can wear it in comfort even if you are suffering from swelling or arthritis.
  • POPULAR BECAUSE THEY ARE PRACTICAL - Silicone wedding rings have become very popular because they serve a real purpose. Athletes, doctors, firefighters, electricians, nurses, climbers, and many more all benefit from silicone wedding rings.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - There is no risk in purchasing LEX Rings. We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee if the ring breaks or is the wrong size. Order one for you and your loved one today. Simply use the sizing chart to find your size!