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Fidgeteez Set of 12 Chair Bands

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Fidgeteez chair bands are essential for every classroom. They are a 2 inch wide continuous loop that stretches around the two front legs of the chair. This allows a child to push, pull, kick, stretch, or bounce on the band with their feet. The ability to move their legs gives the child an outlet for their energy and allows them to focus on the teacher or their task.

EFFECTIVE - Fidgeteez chair bands are simple but extremely effective. By allowing a child to constantly move their legs while sitting they have an outlet for their energy and are able to increase their focus.

TEACHERS LOVE THEM - Teachers notice an instant change in their classrooms once they start using the Fidgeteez chair bands. The class becomes a happier more focused environment.
SIMPLE - The chair bands are a continuous loop that easily stretches around the two front legs of a school chair. They can be moved to another chair quickly and can be used over and over again.